Art of Function

Where does art and function find balance? When does trend meet timeless? What is the defining aspect of a physical space? 

At Have Known, we always design and build with these key questions in mind. Along with the consistent notion of building quality items, we always design with the mindset that there is no solid answer to a perfect object of functional art.

Considerations to functionality means being able to build a unique piece that holds strong for decades to come.

Considerations to applied style which carries a response for those decades to come are a necessity.

Considerations on how this object finds a cohesive place within the greater space, whether interior or exterior, are always in mind.

Consideration, and what we find to be the ultimate consideration, to the emotion in which the viewer and user of an object finds flowing from their mind. Notions of nostalgia or novelty, inspirations of creativity or rustic relaxation, or ideas of foreign places or worlds. This is how we design.

John Powell